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Embrace Session-Lela

Thursday, April 27, 2017 | Heidi Pratt


Another Embrace personal project session, and I am loving getting these people I love in front of the camera! This is Lela, an old friend, and one of my favorite old roommates. She has since moved to San Francisco, but was coming to town and I knew we had to fit in a session with her! Lela has been an integral part of me building my brand this last year, so I knew I had to bless her with these images. Not only is Lela a good friend, she is an incredible artist who has blessed my business beyond measure. Remember that really beautiful new logo I got awhile back? Yep, Lela designed it. She listened to my hopes, and looked at my inspiration, and Viola!! Beauty in a logo! I seriously am in love with it! If you have any graphic design needs, she is definitely your gal! Her business is named Orange and Melrose - you should totally check it out! And while on her feed, check out those adorable custom Lightning Mcqueen shoes she painted for my little mans' 4th birthday. Seriously, she is one talented lady!

But talent aside, look at her! Everything about Lela screams stunning! I truly hope even just one of these images helps her to see her true beauty she radiates inside and out. I love you Lela, and am so glad we have remained close through the distance and time. Here's to many more years of friendship.


Wow Heidi you captured her beauty.
~ Anonymous(27-Apr-2017 10:25 PM)
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