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Spokane Embrace Portrait Session - Amy

Wednesday, April 05, 2017 | Heidi Pratt

I just love this lady!!  I have been blessed to be her friend since birth.  Though most of our lives there have been too many miles between us, I am grateful that we have been able to remain friends and actually grow closer no matter the distance.

This is Amy and I am blessed to call her cousin.  She and her twin sister are exactly 2 months older than me.  What fun to grow up with cousins the same age.

Amy lives on the West side of the state, but came over for a quick visit.  We just had to take advantage and do an embrace session while she was here.  I have been asking my gals who are participating in my personal Embrace project to give me a bit of feedback about their experience. Here are a few words from Amy.....


      "Going into the session I felt anxious and nervous as I am not photogenic at all and get nervous when put on the spot. Heidi did an amazing job of making me feel relaxed, comfortable and beautiful! In the beginning I felt so awkward and "mom" ish, but by the end I kind of felt like a super model.  When I saw the final images, I just thought "Wow". How is that even me?? Heidi did exactly what she had hoped and made me feel and look amazing. I had to take a second look to make sure it was actually me! 

Toward the end of our session Amy had a few images in mind that she envisioned, so we ran with it.  They have a bit more of the boudoir feel to them, but beautiful none the less.

Are you interested in an Embrace session?  They will be available to you starting in June.  Interest is high, so contact me today to get yours on the calendar before you have to wait much longer!  I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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