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Kristinas Mt. Spokane maternity session

Saturday, January 23, 2016 | Heidi Pratt

This was by far my favorite boutique maternity session I have ever done!  

The clients (hilarious, so fun and so genuine)...

The setting (I mean look at it... stunning!!)...

And the dress (Oh, my word, by far my favorite from my closet!  So glamorous.)

Seriously, the outcome of these portraits were beyond what I could have hoped for.  When planning Kristina's custom session she told me that she wanted to wear the red dress.  And really, who wouldn't?  It's so stunning, and yet another from Sew Trendy Accessories.  She is a sewing magician.  And as we thought through the timing of when the session would be and realized it would be taking place in December, we both instantly started praying for snow!  We knew it would be the perfect backdrop for this stunning dress.

Well, the day came, and we had no snow.  Super bummer!  But we were determined!  One of the best things about living in Spokane is that we are only a hop, skip, a jump from everything in the outdoors.  Mountains, lakes, rivers, etc.  So after her hair and makeup were done, we decided a little drive wasn't going to keep us from the snow.  We headed up to Mt. Spokane for her session; and boy, oh boy were we thrilled as we started heading up the back roads to the top.  Honestly, I would say the three of us were in awe.  It was so beautifully drenched in white fluffy snow!  Definitely a sight I won't soon forget.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as we do...


Dress: Sew Trendy Accessories

Hair and Makeup: Julie Berghammer

Maternity Portrait in Red Couture gown in Snow

pregnant mom in red gown in snow with husband

Mt Spokane Maternity portrait in Red Gown

Pretty huh?  What do you think? It would make me so happy if you would leave me a comment.
Would you want to do a photo session like this?  Would you like to celebrate the absolute miracle of pregnancy by having professional hair and makeup done and have family heirlooms created of you wearing a couture gown?  Let me know your thoughts!

Some of your best work ever!
~ Anonymous(26-Jan-2016 05:55 PM)
You are truly amazing my love!!
~ Amy Baker(28-Jan-2016 08:59 PM)
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